Lecture Titles

There are a number of different lectures and presentations which I have developed and each is designed to last from 45 minutes to an hour. Some can be expanded further by up to half an hour if desired and time can be allocated to Question and Answer or Workshop/Discussion sessions. All are lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs and informative diagrams and many also include video clips. The talks are easily adapted to suit audiences of any age or nature and have been enjoyed by cruise ship passengers, international conferences, wildlife and conservation societies, special interest groups, university and senior school students, primary school pupils and Guide and Scout Groups. The titles currently on offer are:

  1. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of …. (An interesting guide to what species can be seen in the chosen area/region of the world).
  2. What’s That Whale? (Introductory and interactive Identification Training and Quiz).
  3. UK Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises (What species can be seen around the UK coast, where to see them and how to help study and protect them.)
  4. Friendly Wild Dolphins (When and why have some dolphins chosen to interact closely with humans?)
  5. Fascinating Facts about Whales, Dolphins and their Ocean World (An entertaining and informative look at some of the wonders of the ocean world.)
  6. Fascinating Facts about Animal Adaptation (The amazing way various marine creatures have adapted to living in the hostile ocean environment.)
  7. Fascinating Facts about Marine Migrations (A fascinating exploration of some of the creatures which undertake these amazing journeys and why they do it.)
  8. What has whaling ever done for us? (A fascinating look at the once essential uses of whaling products and the story of some of those who took part.)
  9. Dolphins in Ancient Greek Mythology and Culture (The part dolphins played in art, mythology, culture and technology.)
  10. Close Encounters of the Cetacean Kind (A personal and moving look at how close encounters with dolphins and whales, can change one’s life!)
  11. Iconic Species: Bottlenose Dolphin (Discover why this is the best known of all dolphin species and learn what the latest research tells us about intelligence, hunting techniques and social activity.)
  12. Iconic Species: Humpback Whale (Discover why the Humpback Whale is such a favourite of the whale watching industry and probably the most photographed and researched of all species.)
  13. Iconic Species: Sperm Whale (Be amazed by the biology of this huge deep-divng specialist and discover why it became the focus of the whaling industry.)
  14. Iconic Species: Orca, “The Whale Called Killer” (Learn about the many different populations around the world, their different hunting strategies and how they became both feared and loved.)
  15. Marine Conservation: Why does it matter and what can we do? (An exploration of the importance of the oceans to human life and activity, and how to address the threats they face.)
  16. The Whole Nine Yards (Nautical Sayings and Superstitions and how they have influenced our language.)
  17. Letting the Cat out of the Bag  (Nautical Sayings and Expressions which have become part of our language.)
  18. Pirates and Privateers (An entertaining romp through pirate lore, including how to become an official pirate and why not all pirates are from the Caribbean!)

I also work closely with International Dolphin Watch and have exclusive rights to show films by Dr Horace Dobbs, the inspirational dolphin author and film-maker, and to talk about his life and work. The film titles are:

Ride a Wild Dolphin”, a ground-breaking film from 1976 showing how Donald, a friendly wild dolphin first seen of the Isle of Man, formed an incredible bond with Dr Horace Dobbs and Maura Mitchell and changed people’s lives.

“A Closer Encounter”, a dramatic film showing how Dr Horace Dobbs explores the extraordinary mind of a solitary wild dolphin named Jean Louis in the treacherous waters of the Bay of Lost Souls, Brittany, France.

“Bewitched by a Dolphin”, A moving and beautiful film about the impact of Simo, a solitary Bottlenose Dolphin, on people in the small Pembrokeshire village of Solva.

“The Dolphin’s Touch”, A specially extended version of the highly acclaimed television film in which Dr Horace Dobbs introduces three clinically depressed people to the lone wild dolphin Funghie in Dingle Bay, County Kerry, Eire.

“Dolphin Dreamtime” is a 30 minute relaxation and visualisation experience featuring Aboriginal music and dolphin, whale and other natural sounds.

My standard fee is £125 for for a 2 – 3hr booking divided into 2 different sessions. Shorter 1-2hr sessions are available, particularly for small, local, audiences/groups at a cost of £75. In both cases, this is plus very reasonably travel expensesof 25p/mile.

Please contact me to discuss details – 07768 592306 / robin@TheWhaleandDolphinMan.co.uk

Whale and Dolphin Consultant, Naturalist, Lecturer and Trainer